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How do students actually improve their study skills?

This tends to fall into the category of “easier than it sounds.” It’s a bit like the All Blacks playing a minnow nation.  If you’re familiar with rugby, then you know that the All Blacks are a global phenomenon in world rugby. There are many teams that have had the fate of being down over 20 points to nil at half time.

Now imagine if during the halftime speech of the coach to one of those teams , the coach would have said something to the effect of, “Do Better!”

That is easy to say. But how do you actually do this? The same question hits us with getting better study skills —  most strive to study better, but how do we do this? Here are 4 tips for a starting on how students can improve their study skills in 2017.

1. Focus on building ‘Organisation Skills’

Being organised isn’t everything. But it’s extremely important. We like the analogy of the escalator. Does it make you make better shopping decisions? No. But it can help a lot to get to where you want to go faster and complete your shopping least stressed.

Organisation doesn’t help a student learn, but it helps eliminate all the distraction that keeps them from learning more. Students know if they need better organisation skills, if that is you then you need to invest time to work on this by reading or viewing YouTube videos on the subject.

2. Focus on building ‘Academic Skills’

By “academic skills” we mean the actual study skills themselves. How do we learn? What are you doing in class? When some information hits you in the face, does it stick? You know, that kind of stuff. Find an area to work on, and then do it.

3. Focus on building your ‘Intrinsic Motivation’

You need to know that your parents or family members can’t succeed for you. They also aren’t the ones who will ultimately have to experience the results of your academic success. You have to do the exams yourself and no one else.

If you don’t know where to start, try thinking through what you really want out of life. No one is going to get it for you. No one is going to make you earn it. However,  if you know what you want from your life, you have all the opportunity you need in your education and direction you need to go.

4. Focus on ‘one skill at a time’

Don’t think you need to drop everything and change your entire life. Just pick one area. Invest a small amount of time each day. In the long run, you’ll find it’s worth it because you will have done 365 things each day towards your goal and with that amount of effort, you cannot help but get closer to it.

Here’s a selection of video’s that will help you in many areas of your journey in study towards exams:


Cramming for a test is perhaps one of the worst ways to get prepared for an exam. Seriously. There  isn’t an effective exam cram method that has been documented that works for all students.

Some, after an all-night cram session, felt they had accomplished a lot.

Most learn the truth, and passion their advice to others “this is not a good choice”

However, its a fact that everybody crams for tests at some time.

In a recent article by the BBC discussing cramming for tests, they noted that some studies show that 99% of students have crammed for a test.

That’s all of us, and all around the globe. Sure, maybe one or two students here or there may not have ever done it, but the rest of us have.

Even with cramming for a test being literally one of the worst things you can do for your grades. On the back of these comments, that means cramming will probably happen in your study for exams at some point.

This is tricky. You go into your test and you at least recognize most of the material on the exam. If you recognize it, aren’t you going to cope well with the exam?

In a word, no.

Recognition isn’t the same thing as knowledge.

You haven’t necessarily learned anything if you just recognize the info. Learning is a far more complex experience of first becoming aware of information, then internalizing and reorganizing that information, and then often forgetting and having to re-learn and re-organize that information.

It’s not just soaking up info and regurgitating it on exam day. Thats nice in theory, but it’s not reality. You can’t soak up information as well as you need to do.

How do we beat cramming?

Well, often the first step is beating procrastination and to get organised. Proactive students who take control of their time are those who will get on top of their cramming habits. They will do proper in-depth study and have a good grasp of the subject to be able to answer any question asked.

Not sure how to do this? You’re not alone. We find many students simply need significantly better time management skills.

You beat cramming by studying. And that  different for each student and certainly not the same thing at all. Saying you’re studying for a test when you’re really just cramming is a bit like saying “I’m really getting into running,” when you really mean, “I run 10 minutes once every 6 weeks.  It hurts like crazy when you do it and the benefit of the short burst is soon lost.  Be proactive, start studying, get in control of your time management and beat the need to cram at the last minute.

“Study Tip”

All top teams and to sports stars have coaches. It has been proven that having a sports coach improves results. It has also been proven that to have a study coach is a massive advantage for students. There are many institutions around the world that offer such coaching. One is Dux College based in Sydney that specialise in coaching students to sit the Australian HSC exams.

You may like to check on what institutions and private individuals offer coaching in your area. They will also assist in giving you not only greater insights into the subject they coach on, but tips on proven strategies that have worked for they past students that will be a great help for you.